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sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009

E este fim-de-semana...

... I'm going in for the kill!

We can fight our desires
Ouuhh but when we start making fires
We get ever so hot
Ouuhh whether we like it or not.
They say we can love who we trust
Ouuhh but what is love without lust?
Two hearts with accurate devotions
Ouuhh and what are feelings without emotions?

I'm going in for the kill
I'm doing it for a thrill
Oh I'm hoping you'll understand
And not let go of my hand

I had my hopes out on the line
Ouuhh will they be ready for you in time
If you leave them out too long
Ouuhh they'll be withered by the sun
Full stops and exclamation marks
Ouuhh my words stumble before I start
How far can you send emotions?
Ouuhh can this bridge cross the ocean?

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